Outreach Blotter

by GeneAllen

Our meeting schedule resumed in September and the Observatory will be closing at the end of October. The Outreach season should be ramping down, but it really is not. We still have three or maybe four for this month.

Friday, October 4 at Simpson EVEN IF IT’S CLOUDY!

Sixteen 4th grade Girl Scouts plan to visit and are requesting the Pocket Solar System exercise at about sunset before an evening of star gazing. We need a couple of folding tables and SOMEONE TO LEAD THE PSS, as well as some members who can bring their scopes for additional viewing opportunities. If it’s cloudy or worse, we have permission from the park superintendent to use the Nature Center Pavilion, and a tour of the roofed Observatory can be offered. Volunteers so far are Rowena Pullan and Victor Davis.

SATURDAY, October 19 at Simpson

Hopewell Cub Scout Pack 71 will be camping in the park and are asking for us to open the Observatory for 30 Scouts plus some parents and leaders. We need some Keyholder volunteers and some Members to bring extra scopes. Forgot this one in my last email blast, so if folks don’t see this one and volunteer I will have to ring the bell again.

Sunday, October 20 in Pennington

LIBRARY PRESENTATION BY GENE ALLEN at 6:30pm in the Pennington Public Library, 30 North Main Street, followed, weather permitting, by star gazing nearby. Members are requested to bring scopes for a group of TBD. Sunset is at 6:12, and the presentation lasts about 45 minutes, so plan to set up to receive guests by 7:30. Exact observing location is TBD. Volunteers so far: Dave Skitt (s), David Reis (s), Tim Donney (s). I will be solidifying details after I get back from Florida.

Friday, October 25 in Yardley

Star gazing opportunity for ten Daisy Scouts (K-1) with moms. Plan for set up at sunset 1830. This event is still tentative and may move up earlier in the month or go away altogether.

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