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Hastings Byrne Refractor – Focuser Re-Fitment

by Tom Swords On one of the last public evenings in October in 2017, I was at the Observatory with Jen and Dave Skitt to observe some double stars after we had closed. Dave and I noted that the focuser … Continue reading

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Hastings-Byrne Refractor Update

by Dave Skitt AAAP member Tom Swords, in consultation with John Church and with my assistance, is currently working to improve the connection of the focuser for the Hastings-Byrne refractor to the tube assembly. We have become aware that the … Continue reading

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Telescope Longevity

by John Church Our historic 6¼-inch Hastings-Byrne refractor, with its objective lens dating from 1879, was ready for the morning of May 9th and the transit of Mercury. We comfortably followed and photographed the transit with a 55-mm Plossl eyepiece … Continue reading

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Testing the Hastings-Byrne Refractor

by John Church Since some members had reported seeing a decline in the optical performance of the 6-1/4 inch Hastings-Byrne refractor, I conducted a thorough test of it on the night of April 18. Dave and Jen Skitt and Gene … Continue reading

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From the Observatory Co-Chairs

by David Skitt, Observatory Co-Chair The Hasting-Byrne refractor has been successfully mounted to the “new” Paramount ME mount and the existing cast iron pier! The roll-off roof clears the mount with just over an inch to spare. Keyholders, please be … Continue reading

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Geometrical Optics and the Hastings-Byrne Refractor: Part II

John Church Last month I reviewed the “lens-maker’s formula” that allows one to calculate the focal length (the inverse of the “power”) of a thin lens, provided that one knows the refractive index of the glass and the radii of … Continue reading

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