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From Hubble to the Webb Space Telescope

by S. Prasad Ganti The first pictures from the James Webb telescope were released recently. The prize comes after decades of hard work by thousands of scientists and engineers and billions of dollars of cost overruns. In the end it … Continue reading

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Hubble Sees Summertime on Saturn

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of Saturn on July 4, 2020. Two of Saturn’s icy moons are clearly visible in this exposure: Mimas at right, and Enceladus at bottom. This image is taken as part of the Outer … Continue reading

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Saving Hubble – Feb. 9, 2016 Lecture

by Ira Polans, Program Chair The February meeting will be held on the 9th at 7:30 PM in Peyton Hall on the Princeton University campus. The talk will be by award-winning filmmaker David Gaynes regarding his documentary film “Saving Hubble”. … Continue reading

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compiled by Surabhi Agarwal Hubble view: A hungry starburst galaxy Source: NASA; Published: Friday, May 2, 2014 in Science Daily A new Hubble picture is the sharpest ever image of the core of spiral galaxy Messier 61. Taken using the … Continue reading

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