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compiled by David Kaplan Rosetta Mission Ends With Spacecraft’s Dive Into Comet Rosetta, the first spacecraft to orbit a comet, is dead, setting down in a final embrace with its companion of the past two years. Radio signals from Rosetta … Continue reading

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Because Rust Never Sleeps

by Michael Wright In May, I ran a workshop in Orlando on “Successful Preservation Practices for Steel Bridge Coatings”. Representatives from NASA presented at the workshop and invited the participating experts from various Departments of Transportation to tour their Corrosion … Continue reading

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Compiled by David Kaplan, Michael Wright and William Gray Firefighters forced to backtrack on meteorite fire claim Firefighters in Maryland backtrack after blaming a meteorite for a brush fire. Extending the New Horizons mission “We call this mission to explore … Continue reading

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Astronomers Livid About Green Laser Ban

by Michael Wright Wilbur Dixon describes himself as a space enthusiast and a lifelong amateur astronomer who happens to own a green laser. Dixon of Princeton, NJ insists he’s not a “laser nut – just an astronomy nerd” who is … Continue reading

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compiled by Michael Wright and David Kaplan What We’ve Learned About Pluto The story of Pluto is largely a story of ice. On Earth, the only ice is frozen water. On Pluto, nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide also freeze solid. The most … Continue reading

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Compiled by David Kaplan and Michael Wright China Telescope to Displace 9,000 Villagers in Hunt for Extraterrestrials Thousands of villagers in Guizhou Province are being relocated to make room for a $184 million telescope to detect signs of alien life. … Continue reading

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Online Astronomy Training

by Michael Wright The Internet has made delivering training courses easy for teachers and professors so that students and adult learners now have many options in addition to books for studying their chosen topic. This is true for astronomy too. … Continue reading

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