Submitted by David Kaplan except as noted

At the D&R Greenway Trust’s Marie L. Matthews Gallery at the Johnson Education Center until March 20: “High Noon to Midnight Moon: Talismans of the Horizon” submitted by Michael Wright

Living with a Star
Even a slight change in the precariously controlled violence of the sun, an enormous thermonuclear furnace, can have drastic consequences on Earth. NYTimes

Shooting the Moon
A loose-knit group of photographers in Los Angeles meet monthly with a very specific purpose: to make the perfect photograph of planes set against the moon.

Rarely Seen Images From Space Including the ‘Best Selfie Ever’
More than 700 vintage photographs from the early days of space exploration are to be auctioned Thursday. NYTimes

Black Hole’s Blast Stunts Stars
The winds blasted out by supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies are strong enough to slow the birth of new stars, astronomers reveal.

Alien Star Invaded the Solar System
An alien star passed through our Solar System just 70,000 years ago, astronomers have announced.

Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life
The case for an early Mars that was ripe and ready for living organisms has grown stronger. NYTimes

Collider Hopes for a ‘Super’ Restart
When Large Hadron Collider fires up again after its upgrade, scientists will be hoping to find a new particle they say could “rock the world”. BBC

Mystery Mars Haze Baffles Scientists
Scientists struggle to explain a vast haze that was spotted high above the Martian surface in 2012 by amateur astronomers. BBC

‘Exquisite’ Gravity Probe Leaves UK
UK industry completes construction of the modules that make up the Lisa Pathfinder satellite – a remarkable probe that will test the key technologies needed to detect gravitational waves in space. BBC

Scientist: ‘Try to Contact Aliens’
Scientists at an US meeting have said it is now time to actively try to contact intelligent life on other worlds. BBC

News for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab submitted by Michael Wright

‘Bright Spot’ on Ceres Has Dimmer Companion

New NASA Space Cowboy Successfully Deploys Its ‘Lasso’

NASA Earth Missions Expand View of Home Planet

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