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Madhup Rathi’s Amazing Images

Check out Madhup’s amazing images of the deep sky. The beauty of these pictures leaves one thirsting for more of them.

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a few astrophotographs taken this past week

by Robert Vanderbei Below is the picture I took two night’s ago of the Needle Galaxy (aka NGC 4565). For those who are interested in more details about the telescope, the camera, and the exposure, check out this webpage. And, … Continue reading

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Astrophotography Workshop

The Adirondack Public Observatory is offering a four day workshop in astrophotography this fall from October 19 to October 22 in Tupper Lake, New York. The skies at their observatory are 6.5 magnitude. Three experienced astrophotographers will be taking classes … Continue reading

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Eta Carinae

by Robert Vanderbei Two images of Eta Carinae taken on February 7, 2016. SBIG Universal on Takahashi FSQ-104D H-alpha = 40 min, OIII = 6 min Two-minute unguided exposures. Richardson-Lucy deconvolution, Gaussian blur, Log.

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The Trapezium in M42

by Robert Vanderbei

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Adirondack Astrophotography Workshop

by David Skitt Last week, Jennifer and I had the opportunity to visit the Adirondack Public Observatory in Tupper Lake, NY for a daytime tour.  Their mission is “to provide quality educational experiences for people of all ages through the … Continue reading

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DSLR Astrophotography

by Freddy Missel    

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Lovejoy to Orion

by Brian Van Liew Mid-December I had a chance to get out under a clear moonless night to do some imaging. It started out as night for imaging comet Lovejoy. I had a map showing its approximate location for each … Continue reading

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