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Armchair Astrophotography – Messier 74

by Michael Wright There is one other aspect of this pursuit that I also find compelling – a primordial or “spiritual” component that is hard to deny. It is difficult not to be awed by a night under extreme dark … Continue reading

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Astro Imaging from New Jersey

by Brian Van Liew I started out imaging with various mono Starlight Xpress cameras years ago, but over the past few years, I have been imaging with a modified DSLR. Recently, I picked up an older camera and had the … Continue reading

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Summertime Favorites: Messier 13 and 92

Member Robert Vanberbei captured these stunning images of two favorite summertime deep sky objects: Messier 13 – the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules and Messier 92 another globular in the same constellation. For M13 and M92’s H-R diagrams and more of … Continue reading

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StarQuest, Pictures

November 18, 2011

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Super Jupiter

by Robert J. Vanderbei Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once every year whereas it takes Jupiter about twelve years to complete one orbit. This means that once every thirteen months Earth catches up to Jupiter and passes it in … Continue reading

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Spring Time is for Galaxies

by Rex Parker With the passing of the equinox it’s time to start searching for the great sweep of galaxies in Leo and Virgo.  This is absolutely the best time of year for observing galaxies both visually and astrophotographically.  In … Continue reading

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December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse

by Ken Kramer Further details in my story online at Universe Today: http://www.universetoday.com/81923/red-moon-red-planet/

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