New Member Daniel Mints

Hi everyone!

My name is Dan Mints and I started getting serious into amateur astronomy and astrophotography since February 2022. Almost a year later, I find it to be such a rewarding hobby. I started off with a Celestron Nexstar 8se and as I got further into astrophotography I upgraded to an AVX mount.

In December, my wife and I welcomed a new child to our family, Andrew. As he gets older, I hope that I can introduce him to the hobby as well! I recently purchased an ASIAIR and guidescope, which has allowed me to both automate the astrophotography process and improve the quality of my photos immensely. Not only that, it lets me stay inside and spend time with my new son instead of poking around on a laptop outside in the cold! My next area of interest is wide-field astrophotography, so I am looking to get a Samyang 135mm F/2 setup and take pictures of targets I could only image a small portion of with my C8. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots done with the C8 over the past year:

Thor’s Helmet
Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF
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