From the Lens of Lisa

by Lisa Ann Fanning

Recently, I had some success in photographing Jupiter. Two single photos were used- one to record positioning of the moons and one to capture detail of Jupiter. I like the challenge of trying to capture detail with a simple phone camera.

Equipment Details:
iPhone 13
Celestron NexStar Evolution 8
13mm eyepiece, 2x Barlow

Post-processing Details:
2 single photos composite

Image Details:
Jupiter 9/27/22 11:53PM EDT
Moons left to right – Europa, Ganymede which was very close to the Gas Giant, Io and Callisto. 

In early September, we took a weekend getaway to Cooperstown, NY and enjoyed some darker skies! 

Pleiades, Mars and Aldebaran made for a nice photo on Sept 1 at 4:58 AM 

The “Big Dipper” dipping out of Otsego Lake just before sunrise. 

We enjoyed the Harvest Moon down in Cape May and the Lighthouse made for some great photo opportunities. 

Cape May Light in the “Summer Triangle” 

Harvest Moon with a “Moon Bow” and Jupiter to its left! 

So Dramatic! When the Moon slipped behind the lighthouse, it made for some dramatic lighting with the clouds and Jupiter.

Wishing everyone clear skies! 

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