From the author of  “Sizing Up The Universe”

Bob Vanderbei did it again! Take a look at his haunting pictures of the Dumbbell and the Crescent Nebulae below. Prof. Bob Vanderbei and Prof. Michael Strauss will be on hand at the November meeting to sign copies of “Welcome to the Universe” and “Welcome to the Universe in 3D” which will be available for purchase.

Sept. 15, 2022.
ZWO ASI2400MC-Pro with L-Extreme filter on 10″ RCOS at f/9.
Total Exposure time: 80 minutes (unguided 30-second subexposures). For more pictures and information, click here
21:09-22:18 EDT Aug. 7 2016, 20:40-23:21 EDT Aug. 26 2016, 20:37-23:23 EDT Aug. 27 2016
Starlight Express Trius SX-694 on 10″ RCOS
Two frame mosaic
North (top) frame: Hα = 120 mins, OIII = 114 mins,
South (bottom) frame: Hα = 78 mins, OIII = 78 mins,
(in 6 min PHD2 guided increments). For more pictures and information, click here
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