keep your distance

by Victor Davis

artist alteration

keep your distance. “at least the diameter of a saturn-mass black hole’s event horizon” – Artists alteration, 2020 – Ted Frimet, no copyright held.

assuming zero angular momentum and zero charge

I thought you might include in the newsletter, this social distancing advice for the astronomically inclined, which leaves the calculation as an exercise for the viewer.

Here are the relevant numbers:

Formula for the Schwartzschild radius of a black hole: R=2MG/c^2 (discounting charge and spin)

Gravitational constant (G): 6.67 X 10^-11 m^3/kg.s^2

Mass of Saturn: 5.68 X 10^26 kg

Have fun. My ZWO camera, which my wife ordered as a Christmas/Birthday gift for me, is finally due to arrive tomorrow! I figure that means dreary weather for the next month at least.

Your optimistic astro-buddy,


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