Minutes of the January 14, 2020 AAAP General Meeting

by John Miller, Secretary

  • Director Rex Parker opened the meeting, 7:30PM. He reviewed several current items on the club’s agenda (Keyholder and Member observatory training). It was announced that member Ted Frimet has volunteered as co-editor of Sidereal Times, taking the place of Prasad Ganti.
  • Ira Polans introduced guest speaker, Associate Professor of Physics, Bin Chen of NJIT. His presentation centered on solar atmospheric dynamics. There were approximately 50 attendees.
  • It was announced that the AAAP has joined the NASA Night Sky Network. Contact Rex Parker or David Skitt for details regarding participation by AAAP members.
  • A general discussion addressing the pending project to refurbish the observatory support columns was revisited. Outstanding issues remain contractor availability and costs and necessary permits. Rebuild design was also discussed.
  • The current club financial balance is reported at $15,100.
  • The meeting adjourned about 10 P.M.
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