Let’s be naughty!

by Theodore R Frimet

look under the bonnet

Thank you all for allowing me to step up to the plate and learn how to co-edit Sidereal Times. From studying the banner pages, I’ve identified many good souls that have contributed their talents, throughout the years. The one consistent astronomical find is our present Editor-in-Chief, Surabhi Agarwal.

Let’s all tip our proverbial hat to Editor Agarwal, as we peer into the observatory lens of journalism, and find not less than 11,753 views, complemented by 6,102 visitors in 2019.

Your contributions, and Surabhi’s adeptness to flawlessly edit, have provided eons of images and text for all to see and learn from.

Clear Skies,
Ted Frimet

View count for countries visiting Sidereal Times in 2019. A total of 11,753 views, with the United States leading at 8,518.

Sidereal Times has 11,753 total views for 2019 with the United States leading at 8,518.

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