Minutes of the August 8, 2019 AAAP Board Meeting

by John Miller, Secretary

  • Rex Parker called meeting to order at 7:30 PM
  • AAAP online member survey synopsis was reviewed. Member participation at the observatory, percentage of member scope owners/regular users, AAAP name change (Board decided to keep “Amateur,” rather than replacing with “Astronomy”), and other survey responses were discussed.
  • Sidereal Times co-editor Surabhi Agarwal suggested a 50% dues discount for high school-age membership to the AAAP. Rex Parker said this would have to be discussed with Treasurer Michael Mitrano, who was not at the Board Meeting.
  • Member dues reminder was discussed. A more effective communication process was suggested. Surabhi will place a notice in Sidereal Times.
  • It was recommended that regular notices be sent to the general membership inviting same to meet at-will at the Washington Crossing Soccer Fields for observing sessions, on any Saturday.
  • A new star party venue was further discussed – to be held at The Barn at Gravity Hill, Hopewell Township, NJ; September 27th and 28th. Details published in the August 6th Sidereal Times.
  • Rex Parker forwarded the idea to mount the club’s ZWO294 camera onto the C14 telescope. This would be partnered with a flip-mirror optical diagonal. Operational details are under study. Details in the August 6th edition of Sidereal Times.
  • David Skitt’s offer of a donated storage shed, to be placed on the observatory property was put on hold with three board members voting against.
  • A detailed discussion regarding needed reinforcement / repair to the observatory outside supporting pillars was undertaken. Michael Mitrano was suggested as lead investigator for contractor and permit reviews.
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