Outreach Blotter

by Gene Allen, Outreach Chair

The support our member have given for the summer push has been great, and now it is winding down, with only a few presentations remaining.

At 7 pm on Wednesday, September 4, Victor Davis will be offering a presentation at the Hopewell Theater, 5 S Greenwood Ave, Hopewell, NJ 08525, in support of the Hopewell Public Library. Following the presentation, we hope a few can join me to show what we can of the night sky from the adjacent lot. If you can bring a scope to help, please plan to be set up to receive observers by 7:30.

At 6:30 pm on Sunday, October 20, I will be giving my presentation at the Pennington Public Library, 30 Main St, followed by star gazing from a nearby open playing field. Volunteers bringing scopes include Jen & Dave Skitt, David Reis, and Tim Donney.

Looking farther ahead, Jim Peck will be giving his presentation to the Jewish Community Center of Edison on January 14, and I will be offering mine to the Princeton Windrows Science Group on January 30.

All this, plus some really high attendance Public Nights at Simpson, make this our most active summer in years. Let’s hope we get a bloom in membership from all your efforts!

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