tikun olam

by Theodore R. Frimet

tikkun olam

how Aesop met his end

I am having a difficult time incorporating our politics concerning the 2nd Amendment with this unnecessary death. This isn’t the venue, now, for a call to revisit the purposefulness of arming yourself, or other Americans.

It is beyond anyone’s imagination that a sixth grader wrote an award winning essay on guns, and gun violence in her neighborhood, only to be shot and killed, two years later, in the presumed safety of her own home.

The only consolation that I read, is from her mother. That she died a hero.

From Fox News…”I looked at her. She didn’t cry. She wasn’t hollering. She was just so peaceful. She didn’t deserve to leave the world like that. She didn’t,” said Bernice Parks.

And forgive me for begging that you no longer espouse your political views, no matter how dignified, and written in stone they may be.

Please for the love of g-d, give us all some breathing room.

This country is looking to us, nay the world is looking to us all as a bastion of dialogue, to guide their very souls to what is most expressive of our democracy.

And we should take great care to ensure that this discourse, our civic dialogue, is not so perturbate as to be the cause of any great distress to the ones who suffer the most.

In their time of need, you should do better and be aware of the pain and suffering of another American. That a mother should never see the day her daughter dies, needlessly.

And for the certainty of it, our Second Amendment need not shine its light of liberty at the cost of any one human beings life.

There goes into that good night
an asteroid that bears the mark
of Rosa Parks, 284996 Rosaparks.

Where there once lay a mark upon the earth
a cosmic convergence within our universe
and one woman did not yield.

And gave birth to the epicenter of movement
we knew as civil rights.

What more can we yearn
for an amateur astronomer to look
into the night sky with presence of mind
being ever hopeful.

Sandra Parks, writes in her essay, Our Truth, “we must fight until our truths stretched to the ends of the world”.

Astronomers know no such boundaries, as we move our prayers and thoughts beyond our common earth bound existence, and yield unto the heavens above.

tikkun olam.

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