Aesop rising

by Theodore R. Frimet

Aesop rising

her moment, a lifetime.

Time is not a constant throughout the universe. An intelligent and sentient life, within or without our galaxy, leads a time compressed experience. Our kissing cousins’ seconds, minutes, or even their eons of evolution will peaceably coexist amongst us as a microsecond ephemera.

How impervious to our experiential techniques to hunt for our lay brethren, that we be still in sack cloth, covered in the ashes of our withering and wanton trials. Walk you may thru the Universe; she shall gird herself, ever more the virgin, keeping safe her continents of life.

To read a book, one must first turn the page. Of course, you find fancy in the cover, and read the brief on the authors accomplishments. Let the night sky be your cover, and look no further. for there is nothing written for you to read. Aye, my mate, you must experience it, first hand.

Brandishing your 52mm eyepiece, round to make maximum use of light in an average amateur telescope, you peel back the deep. The sky is made to give you its due. You presently find the space between the spaces, where that great mystery lay. And behold, you travel forward into irreverent time, and tic the toc, ‘till you are no more.

Having passed thru the threshold of the neurological network, upon which you base your sanity, you find yourself immersed in a new revelation. You have discovered that there is no paradox. That we can move beyond three variables in the Drake Equation. And more than a discussion and a cup of coffee is there to greet you. You are no longer amazed, as you have pushed thru the maze herself.

Briefly you should stay the course in this dimensional manifold embedded in euclidean space. For if you tarry the longer, the night sky will envelope you with calculus and her derivatives. General equations aside, you will be vexed, forever with the math you have always sought to avert. With keen eye, you deploy averted vision, and see what could never before be seen. You record your observations, and make the report: “The deep, is black as ink, and falls off the edge of the nebulous crab.” You are lost, for a moment in time. Remember, though? Her moment was a life-time.

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