Choosing Your First Telescope – Sunday November 25th 2018

by Bill Murray

Here’s a call out to all AAAP members – I need your help! I am giving a presentation at the Planetarium at 9:30 AM on Sunday, Nov. 25th – a tie in with the beginning of the holiday shopping season. The topic of the talk is what you need to consider if you are thinking about buying a telescope as a present. If you have a telescope that you enjoy using I would like you to bring it to the planetarium to show off. Time will be between 9 and 11 AM in the 25th. This is not an observing event. (Although, if it is clear and you have a setup to do solar observing you can set up outside the planetarium entrance to do that.) I just would like you to set up your scope in the planetarium lobby and talk to people about your scope – what you like about it, what you don’t like about it and why it would/would not make a good beginner telescope. Since the event is indoors it will occur regardless of the weather. You can park in the back parking lot of the planetarium to load/unload your equipment. Thanks, in advance. If you need any further info you can contact me at

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