October 2018 Meeting Minutes

by Jim Poinsett

Minutes of the October 9, 2018 meeting of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton

  • The meeting was called to order after the lecture by Dr. Jack Hughes on “Stellar Nucleosysthesis”.
  • Observing items –

    • A cub scout group would like to visit the observatory on October 13th and is looking for volunteers.
    • There are two Planetarium/Observatory sessions planned. One for October 12th and one for the 19th.
    • The Stokes Star Party is October 12th – 14th.
  • On November 24th the NJ State Planetarium is hosting a “How to Choose Your First Telescope” session and is looking for members to bring their scopes and discuss them with visitors. Talk with Bill Murray if interested.
  • There are a couple of website updates in progress, one of which is an updated membership form.
  • Becoming a member of the “Night Sky Network” is being investigated.
  • Rex has volunteered to host a “How to Build a Home Observatory” seminar. See Sidereal Times for more information.
  • Member book reviews are being solicited. Share your recent readings with other members.
  • Field trip ideas were discussed, the Smithsonian Air and Space by Dulles Washington is one possibility.
  • It was suggested to find a lecturer that would discuss Radio Astronomy.
  • Since StarQuest was clouded out, Dave presented his nature/astro photographs.

Meeting was adjourned.

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