From the Outreach Chair

Y’all come out now!
Gene Allen, Outreach Chair

Upcoming Outreach Events

It would be great if more of our Members – with or without their own hardware – mixed it up at our Outreach Events and Public Nights. Bring your enthusiasm for things cosmic and bask in the appreciation of those who invited us or just showed up to gasp in awe. The more the merrier, and you may even catch the Keyholder bug.

Here is a recap of Outreach Events as recently emailed, but with the Labor Day WCSP Solar event correctly placed:

Still, the website calendar RULES!!! Please watch it for opportunities and updates.

August 10 at Simpson Observatory

The Girl Scout leader took ill and they cancelled out of the campout and planned visit on the day of.

August 24 at Simpson Observatory

Civil Air Patrol Cadets were due to visit and we had good support scheduled. Personally unable to attend one of the few clear Friday nights of the summer, it is hoped that a good time was had by all.

August 26 off Keefe Road in Lawrence

After being warned off by a Member because of the severe dust issues he has experienced at this event, your Outreach Chair withdrew AAAP participation from the Full Moon Magical Bike Ride.

Saturday, September 1 at WCSP Nature Center

This is a repeat of the Memorial weekend solar observing event, hosted jointly by WCSP and AAAP. Set up at noon thirty to open for a 1300-1500 public session. Cloud/rain date will be Monday, September 3, Labor Day, at the same time.

Saturday, September 15 REI Campout in Hopewell

This event is still a “go,” and we have three participants so far. Anyone bringing a scope is invited to camp overnight for free in the D&R Cedar Ridge Preserve on Stony Brook Road. Check out the maps attached to the calendar entry and come join us. They are requesting an educational presentation of some sort, so educators and experienced Members are especially invited.

Wednesday, October 3 in Princeton

This event is still pending, but if you could participate, please save the date. We are requesting Member scopes to provide a stargazing opportunity 1900-2300 for guests at Morven Museum & Gardens. No Moon but the tallest trees in the southwest raise that horizon to nearly 30 degrees. We have no volunteers yet.

Saturday, November 24 at the NJ State Museum Planetarium

Presentation “Choosing your first telescope” will be offered 0930-1030.

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