From the Program Chair

By Ira Polans

Welcome back to the new season of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton! The September AAAP meeting is on the 11th at 7:30PM in Peyton Hall on the Princeton University campus. The talk is on the “Spectroscopy for the Amateur Astrophotographer” by Robert Vanderbei, Princeton University and AAAP club member.

After years spent taking astrophotographs of beautiful star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, Bob recently purchased a relatively inexpensive diffraction grating that fits in my camera’s filter wheel. He can now produce stellar spectra and is having lots of fun taking spectral pictures and learning about stellar spectra. In his talk Bob will haring what he has learned

Luisa Villani will give a 10 minute talk “Introduction to Meteorites”. This talk will give a brief explanation of the different types of meteorites, how they form and their visual characteristics, and then we will look at samples with a digital display telescope and identify them.

Prior to the meeting there will be a meet-the-speaker dinner at 6PM at Winberie’s in Palmer Square. If you’re interested in attending please contact no later than Noon on September 11.

Parking is available opposite Peyton Hall.

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