May 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

Minutes of the May 8, 2018 of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton

  • Director Rex Parker called the meeting to order and called upon the nominating committee to run the election of the board of directors. The entire current board was nominated to return and were elected unanimously.
  • Bill Murray gave a 10 minute talk on Stellafane, the “Shrine to the Stars”. It is the oldest gathering of amateur astronomers in the United States. It is held annually on the new moon weekend in July or August.
  • New keyholder Scott Smith received his key.
  • Gene reported that two new cameras were acquired at NEAF and will be installed as soon as possible. Also purchased was an adapter to align the Mewlon with the HB refractor.
  • Outreach reported that a scout group will be at the observatory on June 9th. Volunteers are needed as it will be a sizeable group.
  • The possibility of family memberships was discussed and will be discussed at a future board meeting.
  • It was discovered that Gene Ramsey’s son, Michael, now works for park maintenance. It’s good to have a friend working at the park.
  • Next meeting is at the planetarium at the NJ State Museum in Trenton.
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