From the Outreach Chair

Gene Allen, Outreach Chair

Upcoming Outreach Events

Response to requests for AAAP member support has recently blossomed. We have good numbers for our Solar Observation session, held annually at the Nature Center on Memorial Day weekend and jointly with Washington Crossing State Park. We have outstanding support for opening the Observatory to Scouts on a Saturday, and I hope members will step up in equal or greater numbers for the Hopewell event later in June.

In order to clearly divide responsibilities, we consider any requests for use of the observatory on other than Friday Public Nights, and for Public Night attendance by any group numbering twenty or more, to constitute an Outreach Event. Appeals for support for these events, as well as events at schools and other off-site locations, are conducted by Outreach. These events are entered into the AAAP website calendar, including as much detail about location and group size and age as are available. Names of those who volunteer are added as they step up, but if your name gets neglected, be sure to holler! PLEASE GET INTO THE HABIT OF CHECKING THE CALENDAR OFTEN! Revisions to the website explaining these details are admittedly overdue but have not yet been submitted. Work installing lighting and new cameras in the Observatory have been diverting…

Any members who wish to participate specifically in Outreach Events, and be part of the Outreach Committee, please email. This will not obligate you to every event, but you will be included in the first appeal and have more of a voice in the handling of Outreach Events.

These are the two upcoming Outreach Events on the schedule for June, as copied from the calendar. The calendar entry for the Hopewell event also includes location details.

Saturday, June 9
Cub Scout Pack 44 of Pennington will be camping in WCSP over Saturday night and have asked us to open Simpson Observatory for a total of about 30 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and parents. We will not be open to the general public, so the gates will be reclosed after volunteers enter, and any non-Keyholder Members will need to coordinate entry. Volunteers so far are Tim Donney, Jen & Dave Skitt, Tom Swords, Jim Fling, Luisa & Tim Gong, and Ira Polans. These are all Keyholders so we are indeed well covered, thank you! An Outreach Member bringing an additional scope is David Letcher.

Saturday, June 23
Some 45 families totaling 200 people are expected to participate in the Hopewell Community Campout. AAAP has been asked to bring scopes and binoculars, setting up in advance between the picnic table and the campfire (see attached map) to support a “nature at night” program planned to run from dark for about an hour.


Volunteers so far include Dave Reis and Tim Donney.

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