Treasurer’s Report

by Michael Mitrano, Treasurer

At this point in our fiscal year, which will end on June 30, we have just hit the 100-member mark. Dues revenue at this point is up about 14% from a year ago.

Total revenue for the fiscal year to date is about $6,000, with $1,300 of that from donations received in memory of Gene Ramsey. His extended family was particularly generous in their support.

We have spent about $5,600 during the year for the 4th telescope and related improvements at the observatory. As a result of this planned expense, we show a deficit for the year to date of about $4,300. I expect normal operating costs between now and the end of June to be modest, and likely to be offset by dues income from new or renewing members.

On a cumulative basis, the AAAP’s surplus is about $18 thousand.

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