Member Resolutions for Astronomy 2017

by Rex Parker, Director

Here’s a synopsis of resolutions offered by members during the January meeting at Peyton Hall, shortly after the start of the new year. Encouraging and provocative!

• Do not let every clear sky night go unobserved
• Embark on a program to observe all the Messier Objects
• While I resolve to not make resolutions, nonetheless observe more this year (e.g. comets)
• Learn to use my telescope, get to know telescopes better (multiple)
• Purchase a new telescope
• Refrain from trying to acquire every new astro gadget that comes onto the market
• Acquire suitable binoculars for astronomy (multiple)
• Acquire or build a binocular mount to make binox more capable
• Figure out how to use my iOptron CEM60 mount & solar tracker, assistance welcome
• Make a guide star laser
• Learn about astrophotography; participate in workshop with club’s CCD camera (multiple)
• Become proficient using my video imaging system
• Spend more time using Mallincam video at WC Observatory
• Help ensure that video astronomy experience at WC is as good as it can be — frame grabber, other alternatives?
• Having gotten a handle on polar and go-to alignment, I seek to develop real-time observation capability with a camera.
• Use AAAP observatory more often, per talk with Gene Ramsey before he passed away
• As new Keyholder, get more practice with telescopes at the Observatory
• Introduce one or more persons to astronomy – friend family, neighbor
• Attend a star party at Cherry Springs PA
• View the solar eclipse with other AAAP members in Oregon (multiple)
• Field trip to a radio astronomy site
• Read Sky & Telescope magazine often to be more aware of upcoming events
• Continue to attend AAAP lectures
• Understand basics & advanced astronomy, complement mission of AAAP (multiple)
• Learn about string theory

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