Director’s Report

by Assistant Director Larry Kane

This month I am filling in for our Director, Rex Parker, as he is off exploring the natural wonders of New Zealand.  No doubt, he is more interested in the ecology and grandeur of this mini-continent than in the hunt for the “one ring that binds them all.”  On behalf of the AAAP, I am hoping that Rex brings back many stunning pictures, and, perhaps a talk about his trip.

This month, on Sunday, March 20 at 12:30 AM, we will witness the “spring equinox.”  At this time, the Sun will shine directly on the equator and the hours of daylight and night will be nearly the same.  It is also the time when the Sun crosses the celestial equator.  These events have been widely celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere as witnessing a time of rebirth with the cold of Winter relinquishing to the hope of a warmer Spring.

After some discussion with Director Rex and other members of the AAAP, I have decided to take on another two-year term as trustee and AAAP representative on the Board of the Washington Crossing Park Association (WCPA).  As the interests and goals of both organizations often overlap, I will do my best to ensure that the AAAP remains an integral part of the park and its programming.  When events, developed and presented by the WCPA, are of interest to the AAAP, I will make sure that our organization is made aware of them.  The importance of a working relationship between these two organizations cannot be over emphasized and I encourage all AAAP members to consider becoming members of the WCPA.  You can contact me for details.

I cannot write to the AAAP membership without reminding everyone about the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE VISIBLE OVER MUCH OF NORTH AMERICA ON AUGUST 21, 2017.  An effort has begun to look into a AAAP group trip to view the eclipse.  Initial investigations have determined that the best place to view it may be in Oregon.  While this will definitely be a hike for us, the closer locations in parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Illinois, are more likely to have cloud cover.  As this is a once in a lifetime chance for many of us to see such an event live, we should consider going to a place where we have the best chance of actually seeing it.  Stay tuned, as I am still putting together preliminary data and will, shortly send out a survey to gauge interest within the AAAP.  Again, please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Clear Skies,


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