Treasurer’s Report

by Michael Mitrano, Treasurer

Our anniversary celebration was the big financial event for May.  Not all expenses have been finalized and a significant sponsorship that had been pledged has not yet been received.  The fundraising effort was tremendously successful, however, and based on sponsor and guest payments received less expense invoices in hand, the event has a deficit of about $600.  This is well under the $2,500 limit approved for the event so it is likely that we will end up within that limit — but revenues and costs are not final.  Expenses in hand (paid or to be paid) for the event total about $10 thousand, which is more than double what the Association usually spends on all other activities for a year.

If any members incurred reimbursable expenses for the Anniversary and have not gotten the receipts for me for reimbursement, please do so right away.

Membership hit the 100 mark in May, which surpasses our count for the previous three years. Non-Anniversary expenses were modest.

With the event as it now stands and all other activities combined, our fiscal year-to-date results show a surplus of about $400.

On a cumulative basis, our surplus remains about $23 thousand.

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