2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Michael Wright, Secretary

Director Ludy D’Angelo called the annual meeting to order.[1]  He announced that the only item of business is the election of the 2013-14 Board of Trustees.

Ludy announced the slate of candidates, which was presented by the nominating committee chair at the April 9, 2013 meeting and published in Sidereal Times:

Director – Jeff Bernardis
Assistant Director – Larry Kane
Treasurer – Michael Mitrano
Secretary – Michael Wright
Program Chair – Kathleen Otto

Ludy asked for any nominations from the floor, to which there was no response.  Ludy moved acceptance of the slate, which was seconded by Saul Moroz.  By voice vote, the members present approved the 2013-14 Board of Trustees.

Ludy adjourned the meeting.

[1] The Annual Meeting was conducted at the 50th Anniversary Celebration, which over 100 members and guests attended.

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