January 25, 2012 AAAP Board of Trustee’s Meeting

Larry Kane, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo.

  • Director: Ludy noted how much of the media reacted to the last, uneventful, coronal mass ejection. Ludy suggested that we could use a public outreach in Princeton to raise awareness of the night sky. Member John Church noted that November 5, 1962 was the date of the first meeting of the AAAP and is the anniversary date.
  • Treasurer Michael Mittrano provided a financial picture of the AAAP.
  • Secretary Report: Larry Kane noted that he received an email from the Director welcoming a new member and he asked about the member’s application.
  • Secretary: Larry Kane thanked Michael Wright for taking the minutes from the last membership meeting.
  • Publicity: Michael Wright noted that press releases were going out every month.
  • Outreach: The next event in Ewing on January 26 will probably be rained out. The event at Lawrence Elementary School on Friday, January 27 will be held indoors if it cannot be held outdoors. David Letcher presented a certificate that was given to the people that completed his evening astronomy course at the Nature Center. He said that he had some posters that he created for Super Science Saturday that he could bring for Friday. On March 16, we are invited to Hopewell Elementary School.
  • AAAP’s 50th Anniversary: The planning for the Venus transit in June began. It was decided to make this event a major outreach effort for our 50th anniversary year. Ludy will contact Mercer County and tell them that we want to reserve Baldpate Mountain for the event, but members should investigate other sites. Sidewalk astronomy in Princeton should be a major part of the year. Larry Kane will contact those putting together Communiversity Day. It will be held on April 28th. Bill Murray pointed out that seven of the brightest objects will be visible at night in March. This would be a good time for a sidewalk star party in Princeton. We should have a banner for our outreach efforts. Rex Parker suggested that we might check with the local farmers’ markets to do daylight observing as a club. He also suggested that we have a “kit” put together so any members could attend an outreach event and publicize the club. Other ways of celebrating the anniversary were suggested, including a banquet for members. Ira Polans mentioned several options for trips/tours in the South-west US that the club could take. A possible visit to the Naval Observatory was discussed. Larry Kane suggested that he could contact Rush Holt’s office to see if the congressman could set up a visit. Bill Murray noted that nothing is scheduled for the new moon weekend in July. Michael Wright stated that he can do a special issue of Sidereal Times for the anniversary and invited notables in the club to contribute articles. Rex suggested that we invite Princeton faculty who have provided lectures in the past to join us and become part of the celebration. Ludy will bring up some of these ideas at the next membership meeting, before everyone leaves.
  • Ludy announced that the Historical Society of Princeton contacted us inviting us to do a star party at the Updike Farm location with an historical tie. Ludy will follow up with them.
  • The topic of our club creating a Facebook page was raised.
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