January 10, 2012 AAAP Meeting

Larry Kane, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo.

  • Director: Ludy announced that the person who was trying for a grant to provide observing sessions at Ronald McDonalds house did not get it, but was still interested in working with us to do one or more star parties. Dates and times will be determined. Ludy also stated that he was contacted to relate what the AAAP was doing to combat light pollution. He noted that even if we do not have a program, each of us should do what we can in our communities.
  • Assistant Director: Jeff Bernardis gave a report on the electrical work and the new security system at the observatory. He will send out information about the new security system to all keyholders.
  • Observatory Report: Gene Ramsey thanked those members who helped out in the post-storm repairs. He noted that there are still low hanging vines on the telephone polls that will be pulled down in another ice storm. The gate at the soccer field is now being locked since someone drove a vehicle onto the field and tore up the grass. Since the gate will be locked, Gene thought that the park may not plow the access road after a large snow fall. Some of the drainage tiles were crushed and jagged edges were left. Gene said he will take care of the sharp edges to prevent tires from being punctured. If our lock is missing from the front gate, the park rangers should be notified. Rex Parker raised the issue of how to use the donated Losmandy mount. It was agreed that this could be discussed at the next board meeting.
  • Secretary: Larry Kane thanked Michael Wright for taking the minutes from the last membership meeting.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Michael Mitrano gave a report that appears in another section of this Sidereal Times.
  • Outreach: The next outreach for the AAAP is Jan-uary 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Lawrenceville Elementary School. Larry Kane stated that he got an email requesting that we join Super Science Saturday on April 24.
  • Webmaster: John Miller led a discussion on up-grading the website. Anyone interested in helping with the upgrade should contact John Miller. The AAAP Twitter account was also discussed. John stated that many people follow the AAAP on Twitter.
  • A date, January 25th, was set for the next Board meeting.
  • A discussion was held on what kind of event the AAAP should hold for the Venus Transit. Gene Ramsey suggested going to the Mercer County Park at Baldpate Mountain. Ludy suggested that once the location is set, we should heavily advertise it.
  • Ludy led a discussion on our 50th year anniversary celebration.
  • The Hope Center may not be available to hold StarQuest for the weekends we would want, during October and November.
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  1. Hello Larry, I’ve left Boeing now They claim I’m disabled becouse I can’t remember confuser commands. Say hello – jack

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