From the Program Chair

By John Church, Program Chair

Our very successful and well-attended December 14th meeting featured Prof. (and AAAP member) Bob Vanderbei  and Prof. J. Richard Gott of Princeton University discussing their new National Geographic book, “Sizing Up the Universe.” The book has many of Bob’s photos taken from his own driveway.  Their presentation was excellent, and the authors signed many copies of their book during the intermission.

On January 11th we will have our own Dr. Ken Kremer to speak on “The Space Shuttle, The Space Station, and What’s Beyond for NASA.”  The talk will include many of Ken’s photos and descriptions from personal behind-the-scenes visits to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, where Ken has a press pass.  This should be a highly educational meeting and we hope to have another large crowd. Those so interested will have the opportunity to purchase some of Ken’s unique memorabilia of these visits during the intermission.  Please see Ken’s website: for more background.

There will be a premeeting dinner at 6:00 pm.  Please email by noon on Tuesday Jan. 11th for a reservation and the dinner location.

On February 8th, Dr. Fronefield (Froney) Crawford from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, will be speaking on the topic of “New Searches for Old Pulsars.”  Further details will be available in the February issue of Sidereal Times.

Programs for March and May will be announced later.  On April 12th we will have Michael Molnar speaking on “The Star of Bethlehem,” a topic he has extensively researched. Michael will be signing copies of his book on this subject during the intermission.  And on June 14th, we will be treated to another presentation by Bill Murray in the New Jersey State Museum Planetarium in Trenton.

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