December 2010 Meeting Minutes

By Larry Kane, Secretary

1.      Director Ludy D’Angelo called the meeting to order and announced that he has received two emails from people who want to donate an 8” telescope and other astronomy related equipment to the AAAP.  Ludy will check out the condition of the equipment.

2.      Secretary’s Report:  There was no report.

3.       Vice President’s Report:  VP Jeff Bernardis is working on some things with Gene Ramsey

4.      Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s Report appears in another section of the Sidereal Times.

5.      Outreach Report:  Outreach Coordinator David Letcher indicated that the Riverside School event that was scheduled for this evening, was canceled by the school and will not be rescheduled in December.

6.      Website:  Webmaster John Miller and member Michael Wright gave a progress report on the project to develop the Sidereal Times as a blog and interactive medium.

7.      Observatory Report:  Gene Ramsey announced that he and John Church had

winterized the observatory just before Thanksgiving.  Gene and Jeff Bernardis are investigating improvements to the security system.  Gene   suggested that the AAAP purchase an air compressor to do some of the winterization work at the observatory.  Member John Giles gave an update on the repair to the refractor’s Losmandy mount.

8.      Program Chair: John Church provided the names of the speakers who will be doing our monthly lectures through the remainder of the year.  The lectures for March and May of 2011 are still open.

9.      The upcoming lunar eclipse was discussed and it was noted that the AAAP will not be doing a formal event for the occasion.  Also, Ludy announced that on January 2, the planets Jupiter and Uranus will be very close together, closed enough to be seen in the same field of view with a small telescope, and he is planning an event at the observatory.

10.  Member Rex Parker asked if anyone has seen the DVD archives of Sky and Telescope magazine.  He indicated that if it is reviewed well, the AAAP should consider buying a copy and make it available to the membership through the library

11.  A suggestion was made that the AAAP obtain a copy of member Bob Vanderbei’s new book and make it a prize for Star Quest.

12.    Sidereal Times:  Next deadline is December 29

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