From the Director

By Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

Happy New Year! To everyone in AAAP, I am wishing you a grand new year and clear skies! I hope everyone has dug out of the great storm of 2010. I was in Minnesota where there was already at least 20 inches on the ground (or more) and everyone didn’t seem to mind at all. While there I encountered a teacher that is part of my wife’s family. We got to discuss astronomy (my favorite subject!). During our discussions he mentioned that his school had an observatory. I asked how much it was being used and he said it was not currently being used. I asked why and he essentially said that no one knows how to use the equipment and there was no formal program or person to run the works. So apparently it had not been used for many years. The school has a science program that covers astronomy, but no resources in order to have the type of first hand experience with a telescope (at least at the school). I hear this kind of story every so often and I am sorry to hear them. But on the other hand, he did mention checking out the book “Sizing Up the Universe” and was thinking of utilizing it as a teaching tool.

The club has received a donation of an 8” Celestron SCT on an older CPC mount configuration. Once we check it over and determine it’s usability, we will need to decide how it should be utilized.

I hope that some of you got out to see the eclipse of the Moon last month. It was a clear night, and I think there were several members out doing photography. We had a great meeting last month with a wonderful presentation by Dr. Gott and Dr. Vanderbei. Thanks again to Dee Bosch for providing all the goodies after the presentation.  Next meeting we will have Ken Kremer back to give us an update of the goings on at NASA and the future of the space program.

See you all on January 11th!

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