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Galaxies too die

by Prasad Ganti About three decades ago, when I came out of college I heard that all Stars are born and eventually die, it was a shocking revelation for me. Like it is for a child who learns that a … Continue reading

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Supernova 2012aw Discovered in M95

Michael Wright and Robert Vanderbei On March 16, 2012, a bright supernova was discovered in M95.  Member Bob Vanderbei wasted no time capturing the image above.  The supernova was around magnitude 13 as of March 21 so it is observable … Continue reading

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Some Nearby Young Stars May Be Much Older Than Previously Thought Published: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 – 15:37 in Astronomy & Space Low in the south in the summer sky shines the constellation Scorpius and the bright, red super giant … Continue reading

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Spring Time is for Galaxies

by Rex Parker With the passing of the equinox it’s time to start searching for the great sweep of galaxies in Leo and Virgo.  This is absolutely the best time of year for observing galaxies both visually and astrophotographically.  In … Continue reading

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