Supernova 2012aw Discovered in M95

Michael Wright and Robert Vanderbei

M95 and Supernova 2012aw

Click on image for full size photo
M95 and Supernova 2012aw
Photo Credit: Robert Vanderbei
20:29 EDT Mar 22, 2012.
Starlight Express SXV-H9 on 10" RC at f/9.
L = 108 min (guided 4-minute subexposures).
Log stretch

On March 16, 2012, a bright supernova was discovered in M95.  Member Bob Vanderbei wasted no time capturing the image above.  The supernova was around magnitude 13 as of March 21 so it is observable in large amateur scopes.  Has anyone tried to see it in the C14?

Finder charts and more information are available at here:

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