Flaming Star Nebula

by David Ackerman, AAAP member, astro-imagers subgroup

Since the Comet, I have not had time and clear skies coincide so it is a relief this mid-March weekend, that the recent New Moon allowed a peek at the Flaming Star Nebula (IC405) as well as IC410 and IC417, all taken with OSC camera as it sunk into the light pollution of the western horizon.  A total of 6h of 300s light frames using William Optics Z73 (430mm, F/5.9) with ZWO ASI6200MC camera on iOptron GEM45 mount using KStars automation, APP stacking followed by PixInsight and Photoshop for post-processing. 

Optics:  William Optics Z73 (430mm, F/5.9) Sensor:  ZWO ASI6200MC (OSC) Mount:  iOptron GEM45
Exposure:  6h of 300s light frames during New Moon, skies 20.1 asec/mag^2
Software:  KStars, Astro Pixel Processor, PixInsight, Photoshop

As for me, I’m a new member of AAAP and Astro-Imagers sub-group having joined in Feb 2023.  I am also new to astrophotography having started in early 2022.  I am a physicist with a fairly broad background including optics, instrumentation and image sensor design — so I have enjoyed the technical challenges of astrophotography.  I am also a member of Gallery 14 in Hopewell, a fine art photography gallery and have enjoyed the artistic challenges of producing astro images.  But mainly, I am looking forward to meeting fellow Astro-Imagers, trading ideas and methods and sharing the wonders of this interesting pursuit. 

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