Minutes of the February 14, 2023, AAAP Members General Meeting (hybrid)

by Gene Allen, Secretary

Director Rex Parker attempted to convene the meeting at 1930 in Peyton Hall and on Zoom but his laptop decided to install an upgrade. While scrambling for a backup machine it completed but was unable to connect to the internet through the University guest wi-fi. Problems were sorted and the meeting was convened at 1951. He presented a very brief introduction including an image of the heart-shaped Antenna Galaxy in honor of Valentine’s Day, reminders that on the coming Friday comet C/2022 E3 would be very near Aldebaran and there would be a Jupiter-Venus conjunction on March 1. He also mentioned the surprising number of UFOs brought about by the recalibration of DoD radar to include very slow-moving objects.

At 1959 Program Chair Victor Davis introduced speaker Member John Church, PhD, and his presentation Cosmic Clockwork:  Occultations, Eclipses & Transits. A question period followed at 2056.

NOTE: The recording of this and other AAAP talks can be found on the AAAP YouTube page at


There were 30 in-person attendees during the talk.

Following a break, the meeting was reconvened at 2105 with an Un-Journal presentation by Rich Sherman from Florida about adding a filter drawer to his imaging chain and the impressive benefits of the Optolong L-Extreme filter on nebulas.

A brief discussion considered whether it was only the radar recalibration or whether something more was happening with all the recent UFOs. No conclusions were drawn.

Mention was made of the upcoming astronomy fairs NEAIC on April 13-14 and NEAF on April 15-16. They are the world’s largest and should be experienced, even if one can manage keep the wallet securely in place.

Appreciation of the Astrovideo Live presentations was expressed along with the wish that they could be scheduled regularly. Scheduling was attempted but failed do to the availability of presenters and the NJ weather. It is best for them to be spontaneous.

It was proposed that we organize a trip to a good location to observe the solar eclipse in April 2024. Spring weather suggests that Texas might be the best destination, but Assistant Director Larry Kane has traditionally organized the field trips and should be consulted.

There was again mention of the threatened Holmdel Horn and the need to replenish the outreach handout materials at the observatory.

A meeting will be held in the Robbinsville Library about the UFOs at 1815 on February 22.

There was additional discussion about observing or imaging the comet.

The meeting was adjourned at 2201.

Our membership currently numbers 204. 16 have joined so far in 2023. We have had 19 renew while 6 have allowed their membership to expire, giving us a 76% retention rate.

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