From the Lens of Lisa

by Lisa Ann Fanning

This months “From the Lens of Lisa” is largely Lunar! 🙂

11/2/22- A fun feature to look for the day after a First Quarter Moon is “Rupes Recta” or “the Straight Wall.” This is a linear fault located in Mare Nubium and is over 100 km long! With its prime location near the terminator in this phase, it is fun to see with optics.  In two weeks, it will be visible again, but illuminated from the other direction!

iPhone 13 through Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 (32 mm eyepiece)

The Moon and Jupiter 2 degrees apart (10/4/22), making for a beautiful conjunction between these two bright objects.

📷: Canon PowerShot SX70 HS
💻: Composite photo stacked in Bazaart for iOS

Widefield – conjunction setting over the Atlantic in Cape May, NJ

Images of the eclipsing Full Moon taken on November 8, 2022 from 4:00 AM ET – 5:45 AM ET.

iPhone 13 through Swarovski Optik 65mm Spotting Scope

Assembled in Bazaart for iOS

Close to totality

November post full Moon

I was looking through my photos of 2022’s full (and close to full) Moons, which included 2 Lunar Eclipses and (the “squished”) “Super Moon” and realized it was a whole range of gorgeous colors.

The moons represented here are from February, March, May (eclipse,) June, September, October and November (eclipse.)

I had fun arranging them in an eye-pleasing palette using the program Bazaart for iOS.

Wishing everyone clear skies!

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