Minutes of the May 10, 2022, AAAP Members General Meeting (online)

by Gene Allen, Secretary

Meeting was convened on Zoom by Director Rex Parker at 1930. Following a brief introduction and presentation of an agenda, Program Chair Victor Davis introduced Speaker/Member Dr. Robert Vanderbei. He described the background and evolution of his latest book, Welcome to the Universe in 3D. Notable in his talk was the technique of holding the viewer against one’s face and then moving it slowly away until the images become 3D for you. He also described the need to be able to view them “splay-eyed” rather than cross-eyed. After being shown the unimaginably sophisticated techniques Dr. Vanderbei had used to create the stereo images that essentially justified the publication of this third version of the book, it seemed patently unfair that Tyson had given no credit to Dr. Vanderbei in his television interview on The Late Show on April 19. More than 55 attendees were noted on Zoom throughout the presentation.

After a brief break following questions, the meeting resumed at 2109 with 40 some attending a detailed and impassioned Unjournal Presentation about the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) by Member Rich Sherman. All AAAP members are strongly encouraged to join, support, and actively participate in the IDA.

Secretary Gene Allen was asked to conduct the election of officers for the coming year. The AAAP Membership Roster had been updated the day prior to show 175 current members, meaning that the required 15% quorum amounts to 26. Earlier in the meeting he had noted that current members in attendance numbered beyond that threshold.

The election of officers was held on Zoom by a show of hands. Screenshots were taken of each page in Gallery View for subsequent confirmation.

There were 40 people online at that time and 33 of them were verified as current members. Of the members, 23 were physically holding up hands to their cameras and 5 had selected the Zoom “Show Hand” function. No hand was displayed in any manner by 3 very active members who had their video turned on, and they have since confirmed by email that they intended a “yes” vote and had lowered their hand before the page was recorded. One member unable to attend had emailed his affirmative vote to the board in advance. Only 2 members had their video off with no hand displayed. Two non-members got caught up in the moment and voted to accept the slate! The Secretary was remiss in not asking members to clear their hands and then calling for those opposed, but there were only 2 possible “no” votes. In sum, we had 32 votes in favor, and a possible but unconfirmed 2 against. The slate was confirmed:

Director: Rex Parker

Assistant Director: Larry Kane

Treasurer: Michael Mitrano

Secretary: Gene Allen

Program Chair: Victor Davis

Observatory Co-Chairs: Jen & Dave Skitt

Outreach Chair: Bill Murray

A Members’ Night is scheduled for Saturday, May 14. Members are encouraged to bring their scopes to the observatory to show them off or to get help in dealing with issues they may be having with hardware or technique. Should the weather turn out to be uncooperative, it will be rescheduled.

An astrovideo Zoom event is planned for the total lunar eclipse that will occur through the middle of the night of May 15. Several members here in New Jersey will bring their telescopes to bear on the Moon, as well as one in Florida and one on the Outer Banks, where the weather may be more cooperative. Members are encouraged to view from home, with binoculars or telescopes if they have any, and report their experiences during the session. A link to connect will be disseminated by email. There was some discussion about star focus being perfectly acceptable for images of the Moon, and the need to keep camera exposures short.

Incumbent leaders have continued to serve the organization, but new, younger participants will be needed at some point. Members who aspire to leadership positions are encouraged to attend Board meetings when they occur and step up to be mentored by the respective officer.

Observatory Co-Chair Dave Skitt offered an update on the Observatory.

  • We still seek someone to coordinate and oversee professional installation of new carpet.
  • While the Nature Center post in the state park is currently vacant, the traditional solar viewing event held there over Memorial Day weekend is being planned. Members able to help answer questions and manage visitors or who can bring a properly filtered solar scope are encouraged to be in contact with Dave.
  • The ASI294 astrocamera out for repair is expected to be returned to us shortly.

The meeting was adjourned at 2202.

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