From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane, Assistant Director

At our last virtual membership meeting, I floated the idea of forming a “special interest” group within the AAAP that would work toward diminishing light pollution in the areas we do astronomy.   Based on demonstrated actions by AAAP members, these efforts will and should concentrate on locally driven efforts.  Past work by AAAP members has proven how this may be effectuated.  As a working group, we could concentrate our efforts locally and, with organizational resources from the International Dark Sky Association,, the Sierra Club and other organizations, build campaigns designed for  improvements at the municipal.

I recently rejoined both of these organizations and have found that the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) has a great numbers of ways they will support the efforts of concerned citizens to reduce light pollution.  These include videos that are available to download as well as many other resources.   To date, AAAP efforts have resulted in beneficial legislation being passed in Hopewell Township and campaigns being presented in townships of Monroe and South Brunswick.  These are only three of which I am aware of in New Jersey.

It is my hope that members Rex Parker and Surabhi Agarwal, would join in this effort to provide their experience and counsel based on their campaigns.  So I am hoping to generate real interest in the AAAP as we work to save our night skies.  When our interest group gets together, it will be via virtual meetings.   As I have a Zoom account, I can be the meeting host.  All AAAP members are welcome to be valued participants in this group.   Please let me know of your interest in doing so by sending an email to  We can and will make a big difference.  Wishing all, Clear Dark Skies

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