Introducing New Member Dennis Jamison

(In his own words)


I joined the AAAP in January after moving to Franklin Twp from Reno, NV in May ’21. I love the talks and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!   This summer I would like to train to use the club’s telescopes, do some observing, and do some outreach. Along the way I’d like to get some experience with video astronomy and digital astrophotography.


My interest in astronomy started in the 1970s when I was an undergrad at the University of Washington. I was attracted to geology (drifting continents) and astronomy (expanding universe). I became a professional geologist and an amateur astronomer.  I bought my first telescope (a C5) in the 80’s and began doing astrophotography with film.  I still have that C5 and a C8 as well.


While living in Reno I had a chance to rebuild and use my club’s 24″ dobsonian. That  was an amazing experience. I had access to dark skies and enjoyed visual observing.  My club also had a portable 20” dob, which I took to annual star parties at Lassen and Great Basin National Parks and public outreach events in the Reno area.

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