Introducing New Member Joe Felker

joefelkerI am a retired Electrical Engineer.  I received a BEE from Villanova University and a MSEE from Stevens Institute of Technology.  My wife and I have lived in Hillsborough for almost 30 years where we raised two sons who are both living productive lives (yeah!).   I spent the first half of my professional career with AT&T/Bell Labs mostly at Murray Hill but had stints in other NJ locations as well.  I finished my career working in the Solar industry designing solar arrays sized from small residential rooftops to very large utility-scale ground mount systems.  I have always had an interest in life beyond planet earth and have read many books on space-related topics.  This past fall, I took an Intro to Astronomy course through the Princeton Adult School and that prompted me to purchase my first telescope.  I have an 8” Dobs and have enjoyed learning how to find and observe things in the night sky.  I look forward to meeting the other members of the club and expanding my knowledge of all things space.

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1 Response to Introducing New Member Joe Felker

  1. Ashok Shah says:

    Hi Joe – Welcome. Like you, I’m new to the Club as well and also a Villanova grad (MSCS 1981) and I was in Bell Labs between 1987 – 2007 (Lucent). Hope to cross paths one of these days.



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