Minutes from the May 11, 2021 Members General Meeting (Online)

by John Miller, Secretary

The June meeting convened at 7:30 PM via Zoom and Yahoo (online).  There were initially about 49 Zoom attendees.

●   Rex Parker introduced the evening’s topics and included a video of a model rocket launch (several members recalled launches when they were younger), a review of Zoom meetings versus live gatherings at Peyton Hall if the building reopens (live gatherings edged out). Also reviewed briefly – the current night sky.

●  Victor Davis introduced the evening’s guest speaker: Anna T.P. Schauer – a NASA Hubble Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin.  Her presentation was titled: “First Star Formation and the Lunar Ultimately Large Telescope.”  It was very well received.

● The upcoming June 10th partial solar eclipse (as viewed from NJ/PA) was discussed. Long-time member Ron Mittelstaedt put up a conglomerate of views from the May 10, 1994 partial solar eclipse he took in NY State. Some present members discussed a field location for the forthcoming event.

●  Rex mentioned a new remote imaging group using a PlaneWave 24” in the Hurtado Valley, Chile.

●  The Washington Crossing Observatory repair status was reviewed.  AAAP Treasurer Michael Mitrano continues communications with State Park officials in an effort to re-secure permits.

●  Observatory Co-Chair David Skitt reviewed keyholder preparations.  A discussion ensued reviewing where the optimum EAA (Electronically-Assisted Astronomy) screen placement would be on the outside of the observatory building.  There was some concern voiced regarding the interference of field visual observing, astrophotography and public naked-eye observing caused by the bright light of the optical screens.

●  A lengthy discussion regarding the Space X StarLink satellite programs was shared. The topic concentrated on the detrimental effects on both the amateur and professional astronomy environment.

●  The meeting adjourned at 10:30 P.M.

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