Minutes of the December 1, 2020 AAAP Board of Trustees meeting (online)

by John Miller, Secretary

● A discussion on methods to draw more Zoom attendees to the AAAP General monthly meeting was undertaken.

● Ideas and enticements to draw more speakers via Zoom.  It was agreed our cache is now exponentially larger for potential guests, now that no travel is required.

● With the advent of online guest speakers and a limitless reach for attendees, it was suggested, we might consider reaching into other regions or States, via Zoom.     

● Advertising ideas were reviewed.  Return to local paper announcements (which we did every month long ago); utilize the Princeton University radio station; pin            announcements on campus, supermarkets, Kiosks.  Email K-12 STEM coordinators.

● The Fund Raising initiative (headed by Assistant Director Larry Kane) currently has 2 committee members. It was agreed we need to draw the general membership into this task, e.g. acquaintances who have a background in fundraising  methodologies.

●  Dues payment for FY 2021 are required by January 1st. Our fiscal year is July 1st through June 31st. Payments not received by that week will forfeit membership and be removed from the promotions mailing list. The board will do its best to notify members regarding renewals. Renewal may be quickly accomplished online at the AAAP website.

●  There was a general welcome for member Victor Davis as he takes the reins of            Program Director, replacing “retiring” Ira Polans.  A review of the outreach process was also undertaken.

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