Minutes of the December 10, 2019 AAAP General Meeting

by John Miller, Secretary

● Director Rex Parker opened the meeting, 7:30PM. He reviewed several current items on the club’s agenda (Space X satellite petition; newly-purchased equipment and the upcoming field trip to the Info Age Learning Center – Wall Township, NJ

● Ira Polans introduced guest speaker, post doc, Patrick Crumley. Crumley’s topic reviewed the discovery, history and current research of GRBs. There were approximately 55 attendees.

● Member John Church gave a short presentation on a space scale model.

● Rex brought the newly-purchased iOptron AZ mount to show members. The purpose of the acquisition is to have the mount coupled with a 5” refractor for the WC observatory as well as use with field outreach.

● There was detailed discussion about possible stabilization of the WC observatory pillars (contractors, insurance, park officials). Concerns included contractor availability, labor and equipment costs and design options.

● Michael Mitrano, Treasurer reported a current treasury balance of $16,945.00.

● Secretary John Miller revisited the need for the meeting leader to ask if new members are in the audience. The suggestion was to make this SOP for each meeting, during the general meeting, so newcomers feel more included and existing members get to know who those new people are.

● Observatory Chair, David Skitt, mentioned that the Bear Tavern Rd. gate is now locked (AAAP lock). Contact David Skitt or Rex Parker for gate opening procedure.

● The meeting adjourned about 10 P.M.

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