November 6, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • Minutes of the November 2017 Board Meeting of the AAAP
    • The meeting was called to order at 7:30
    • The first topic of the evening was about making the outreach chairperson and observatory chairperson positions members of the Board of Directors. The only negative brought up was the occasional difficulty of obtaining nominees for some of the board position. The main positive aspect was it would emphasize the importance of these positions. The board voted unanimously to put the amendment to a vote by the members. The members will be notified and the voting will take place after the first of the year.
    • Membership dues are now payable through PayPal.
    • The club policy on speaker expenses was brought up and it was decided that there does not exist a policy, expenses are handled on a case by case basis. It was decided to leave it that way.
    • It was decided to add a 10 minute presentation by a member at the beginning of each meeting. Volunteers are wanted and encouraged to speak up.
    • The SkyNet astrophotography program is continuing. Currently 23 members have signed up for accounts and 9 have used minutes.
    • Observatory topics were covered next
      1. There are several pieces of equipment at the observatory that are not being used, SBIG ST-10 CCD camera, Optec TCF autofocuser and an Optec IFW auto filter wheel. Since no one has used this equipment is several years the board has decided to sell it.
      2. The current Mallincam is a low resolution, NTSC analog camera. Possible replacements and costs will be presented at the next meeting.
      3. The need for gravel on the observatory driveway. A proposal will be prepared for the next meeting.
      4. There are some focusing issues on the Hastings and Mewlon scopes. The tapered end of the focuser on the Hastings is causing problems, it needs to be squared. Tom and John have offered to do the work to repair it.
      5. The possibility of the Mewlon needing collimation was discussed, the procedure has been found. The possibility of thermal issues causing focusing problems was discussed. Procedures to lessen the thermal issues will be tried before doing a collimation.
      6. The need to update and improve the alarm and security system at the observatory was discussed. Since we have internet access the board decided it would be appropriate to buy a system rather than pay a monthly fee to a monitoring service. Dave will put together a list of options.
    • A membership coordinator position was proposed. While the need to attract new and younger members was acknowledged it was decided not to create another position.
    • The board discussed buying an EAA telescope for outreach purposes. More research needs to be done before a decision will be made.
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