November 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • After the presentation and the break Rex called the meeting to order.
  • Rex talked about light pollution and how LED lights blue shift and cause problems for viewing and astrophotography. He stressed the need to influence local authorities to use phosphor converted LEDs.
  • He also talked about how the spectra of light reflecting off the atmosphere of extra-solar planets is being analyzed for signs of life.
  • The subject of an interactive calendar for the website to sign up for outreach events was discussed. No current solution was known, additional research is needed.
  • How to make it clearer for visitors to our website to request an outreach event was brought up. Several suggestions were made .
  • The possibility of moving our website to a new hosting company was discussed. The possibility of getting increased space with our current hosting company is also a possibility. A report will be made at the next meeting.
  • As of the meeting date the observatory was not winterized and is fully operational.
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