compiled by Arlene & David Kaplan

Jupiter’s south pole - NASA

Jupiter’s south pole – NASA

NASA’s Jupiter Mission Reveals the ‘Brand-New and Unexpected’
The top and bottom of Jupiter are pockmarked with a chaotic mélange of swirls that are immense storms hundreds of miles across. The planet’s interior core appears bigger than expected, and swirling electric currents are generating surprisingly strong magnetic fields…more

Jupiter's moon Europa -NASA

Jupiter’s moon Europa -NASA

Nasa seeks experiment ideas for Europa lander
NASA is seeking the best ideas for experiments to fly on a mission that will land on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The Jovian satellite has a deep subsurface ocean beneath its ice crust and is considered one of the top targets in the search for alien life. After decades of work, a pair of missions to the moon have been taking shape…more

7 Planets of Trappist-1 - NYT

7 Planets of Trappist-1 – NYT

The Harmony That Keeps 7 Earth-size Worlds From Colliding
In February, astronomers announced the discovery of a nearby star with seven Earth-size planets, and at least some of the planets seemed to be in a zone that could provide cozy conditions for life. The finding of these planets circling the star Trappist-1…more

-NYT (ALMA/J. Bally/H. Drass et al. )

-NYT (ALMA/J. Bally/H. Drass et al. )

Aftermath of a Star Collision 1,900 Years Ago
About 1,900 years ago and 1,350 light years away, stars in a giant gas cloud behind the Orion constellation collided, ejecting two other young stars. With a telescope, the blast would have been visible from Earth about 500 years ago…more

Parker Solar Probe -JHU

Parker Solar Probe -JHU

Newly Named NASA Spacecraft Will Aim Straight for the Sun
Last week, NASA teased that it would have an announcement about next year’s mission to send a spacecraft into the outer atmosphere of the sun. Commenters on Twitter joked that the space agency might be sending humans there. The actual news? About 20 spacecraft have been named after prominent…more

An artist’s conception of  merging black holes

An artist’s conception of merging black holes

Third Gravitational Wave Detection
The void is rocking and rolling with invisible cataclysms. Astronomers said Thursday that they had felt space-time vibrations known as gravitational waves from the merger of a pair of mammoth black holes resulting in a pit of infinitely deep darkness weighing as much as 49 suns, some 3 billion light-years from here…more

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