From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane, Assistant Director

There are a couple of issues that needed to be brought to your attention:
I wanted to provide the AAAP membership an update on the planned trip to view the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Through determined negotiation, without the benefit of having read The Art of the Deal, I was able to reserve eight motel rooms within an hour drive of where we will view the eclipse. At this point in time, five of these rooms have been requested by AAAP members. So, there are three left. As I have put all of the room reservations on my credit card, I will soon have to relinquish any of them that are not soon, spoken for. So, come one and come all, at least three more of you.

Sunday, April 30 will be the annual extravaganza known as Communiversity Day in Princeton. We have, again, been invited by the organizers from the university to participate in this event which can draw 30,000 people in one day to downtown Princeton. Past events were very successful as we were able to hand out several hundred pieces of literature, talk to hundreds of people, and show them what their closest star looks like in a telescope. We hope to repeat these successes this year. So, I am requesting each of you to become a part of this event by attending, with or without a telescope, and helping to share our knowledge and awe of the cosmos. Please think about it and either contact me to say you will help with the event and/or see me at the next AAAP meeting and give me your contact information so we can help make this the best Communiversity Day ever. If you will not be able to attend the meeting, please send me an email at: . By the way, if anyone has a good lead for affordable flights to Portland, OR, please let me know.

I hope to see everyone to discuss both of these monumental events at the next meeting.

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