Minutes of the January 10, 2017 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

Minutes of the January 2017 meeting of the AAAP

• The meeting was called to order at 7:30

• Rex briefly listed some objective for the club for 2017
    o Continuation of the outstanding lectures at Peyton Hall
    o More members and hopefully new members to become keyholders
    o Strong astronomy/science outreach program
    o High quality observing with the observatory upgrades
    o Getting “The Sky 10” software into the hands of keyholders
    o Identify and plans some field trips for the 2017 year
    o Organize an astrophotography interest group

• The first topic for discussion was the fate of our Jenny Jump observatory. Rex told the club that the board will be deciding the fate at the upcoming board meeting and if any member wanted to express an opinion to attend the meeting.

• So far 12 club members are making the trip to Oregon for the solar eclipse. Talk with John Church if you plan on going so you will know where the club is gathering.

• The club will host some kind of event on eclipse day as the partial eclipse in the Mercer County area with cover about 75% of the sun.

• An event with the Washington Crossing Park association is being planned.

• Shirts for club members was discussed. Larry will obtain the logo and get pricing.

• The possibility of a field trip to Tucson Arizona was brought up, most suggested waiting until 2018 because of the trip some are making to Oregon for the eclipse.

• The topic of Jenny Jump was brought up again with many ideas being discussed. Rex reminded everyone interested to be at the board meeting planned for Jan 18th, in the dome room in Peyton Hall.

• The meeting was adjourned.

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